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Mirasol Reports Discovery of a New High Grade Silver Vein, Santa Cruz, Argentina

January 6, 2010

VANCOUVER, B.C. January 6, 2010 – Mirasol Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MRZ, Frankfurt: M8R) is pleased to announce the discovery of a new high-grade silver vein, the Julia vein, part of the Virginia vein zone located on a 100% Mirasol-owned mineral property within the Area of Special Interest for Mining in Santa Cruz province, Argentina, where mining development is permitted and four precious metal mines are in operation.

The Julia vein was discovered while following up alteration and structural targets during November 2009. There are no indications that it had ever been previously prospected or sampled. Assay results are available for the Julia Vein, but remain pending for other nearby vein structures found subsequently (Figure 1).

Initially, thirty rock chip samples from outcrop, subcrop and float of the Julia vein were collected and returned silver values of between 21.9 and 2,660 grams per tonne (g/t) silver. Gold values range from < 0.01 to 0.14 g/t (Table 1). The average silver grade of the initial 30 samples is 645 g/t (18.8 troy ounces per short ton), but sampling indicates that segments of the vein may contain higher silver grades, perhaps over 1,000 g/t silver. Further exploration will be required to determine what the average grade of the vein may be and if there are higher grade shoots within it.

The Julia vein is traceable over a length of greater than 2,000 metres in outcrop, subcrop and as large float blocks, and displays changes in azimuth as well as probable vein splits or splays. The wall rock to the vein is rarely exposed. The width of the Julia vein appears to range from under one metre to at least 5 metres, but lack of wall rock exposure and early stage of exploration do not permit an average width to be determined.

Julia is an epithermal quartz vein with very high silver to gold ratios. Two principal vein textures have been observed: multi-phase banded vein, which typically forms along the vein’s margin, and breccia vein comprising fragments of vein material and lesser wall rock, hosted in an iron oxide and silica rich matrix. Both vein styles are silver-bearing. Quartz textures include chalcedonic, saccaroidal, crystalline and comb quartz with open spaces present. Iron and manganese oxides are abundant at surface, and sulphides are rarely present except for galena in a few cases.

Subsequent exploration in December, 2009, by Mirasol geologists included saw channel sampling of the Julia vein with geological mapping at 1:50 scale of the channels, mapping at 1:2,000 scale of the vein, and further prospecting. During the prospecting work, new outcropping and subcropping veins were discovered and sampled. The Naty and Margarita veins display textures very similar to the banded vein and breccia vein material of the Julia Vein, while the Ely veins mainly comprise breccia vein material. A total of 283 rock samples (including control samples) were collected during the work described above with assays results pending.

Table 1. Julia Vein – Rock Sample Geochemical Results

Rock Sample
(g/t) 2
Silver final
(g/t) 1
MRR08728 Float Select 5.0 -0.005 21.9
MRR08726 Outcrop Chip 0.5 0.066 321.0
MRR08724 Outcrop Chip 2.0 0.017 303.0
MRR08725 Outcrop Chip 1.2 0.061 1140.0
MRR08721 Outcrop Chip 0.3 0.058 208.0
MRR08722 Outcrop Chip 0.5 0.054 316.0
MRR08720 Outcrop Chip 2.5 0.023 326.0
MRR08723 Outcrop Chip 1.2 0.020 552.0
MRR08719 Outcrop Chip 1.0 0.043 2660.0
MRR08701 Outcrop Chip 0.6 0.100 2360.0
MRR08702 Outcrop Chip 0.3 0.083 922.0
MRR08717 Outcrop Chip 2.0 0.052 1070.0
MRR08718 Float Select 1.0 0.025 60.7
MRR06525 Outcrop Chip 2.3 0.117 608.0
MRR06523 Outcrop Chip 2.0 0.046 403.0
MRR06524 Outcrop Chip 2.0 0.139 625.0
MRR08738 Subcrop Select 2.0 0.011 394.0
MRR08739 Outcrop Chip 1.5 0.034 804.0
MRR08740 Outcrop Chip 1.5 0.032 721.0
MRR08741 Outcrop Chip 1.5 0.010 2530.0
MRR08742 Outcrop Chip 3.0 0.033 116.0
MRR08743 Outcrop Chip 0.5 0.010 84.0
MRR08750 Outcrop Chip 1.5 0.076 95.6
MRR08901 Outcrop Chip 1.0 0.028 618.0
MRR08749 Subcrop Select 1.0 0.038 216.0
MRR08748 Outcrop Chip 2.5 0.045 875.0
MRR08746 Subcrop Select 0.5 0.005 38.0
MRR08747 Outcrop Chip 1.5 0.006 388.0
MRR08745 Float Select 0.5 0.015 228.0
MRR08744 Subcrop Select 3.0 0.024 338.0
Minimum -0.005 21.9
Maximum 0.139 2660.0
Arithmetic average 0.043 644.7

All analyses done by ALS Chemex Laboratory
1. Silver results less than 100 g/t are by ME-ICP41; silver results from 100 to 1500 g/t are by Ag-OG46; silver results >1,500 g/t are by Ag-GRA21
2. Gold by Au-AA24

“Mirasol continues to execute its strategy as a successful prospect generator and discoverer of new, high-quality precious metals prospects”, stated Mirasol’s president, Mary Little. “We are optimistic that the work completed in December will further advance the Julia vein and the potential of newly identified peripheral veins. Mirasol intends to continue exploring the Virginia vein zone for its own account and is planning additional work in early 2010.”

Paul G. Lhotka, Principal Geologist for Mirasol, is the Qualified Person under NI 43-101 who has approved the technical content of this news release.

For further information, contact:

Mary L. Little
President and CEO
Tel: (604) 602-9989: Fax: (604) 609-9946


Quality Assurance/Quality Control:
Exploration at Mirasol’s Projects is supervised by Stephen C. Nano, Vice President of Exploration; Exploration Manager, Timothy Heenan; and Principal Geologist, Paul Lhotka, all qualified persons under NI 43-101. All technical information for the Company’s projects is obtained and reported under a formal quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) program. Rock chip and stream sediment samples are collected under the supervision of Company geologists in accordance with standard industry practice. Samples are dispatched via commercial transport to an ISO 9001:2000-accredited laboratory in Mendoza, Argentina for analysis. Results are routinely examined by an independent geochemist to ensure laboratory performance meets required standards.

All assay results reported herein are for rock chip samples; assay results from drill core samples may be higher, lower or similar to results obtained from surface samples.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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