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Project Generator Model

South America Projects

Atacama Puna Generative ProgramSanta Cruz Generative Program

Mirasol is a successful gold and silver Project Generator with an expanded exploration strategy aimed at accelerating drill testing of our project portfolio and the path to discovery.

We use leading-edge technology and geoscience to discover and define new high-quality exploration targets. After securing ownership of the targets, completing preliminary ground exploration work and defining drill ready targets, these projects are either further explored by Mirasol if our assessment of risk/reward warrants such additional investment or optioned to well-funded mining companies to aggressively test them. This model allows Mirasol to manage its risk and provide shareholders with meaningful exposure to a discovery and value creation.

Our competitive advantage as a project generation company is the result of our innovative target generation capacity, by means of our skilled field geoscience, our expert mineral systems knowledge and our creative business approach.  The experienced technical and business development team consistently delivers a pipeline of quality projects that can be converted into strong, active, and mutually beneficial deals with prominent mining companies. We pride ourselves in working with high profile partners and believe they are an endorsement of the quality of our generative engine.

A successful outcome of Mirasol’s project generation is illustrated by the discovery and ultimate sale of its 49% share in the Joaquin silver resource to its joint venture partner for US$ 60 million in cash and shares.

Mirasol’s project generation efforts are focused on two highly productive mining regions in South America: the Atacama-Puna region of northern Chile and Argentina, and Santa Cruz Province in southern Argentina. These regions are richly endowed with mineralization and are host to many world-class gold, silver and copper mines operated by some of the world’s largest mining companies. We believe that Mirasol's style, technical focus and well managed exploration has the potential to produce new, high value discoveries that will deliver significant value creation to our shareholders.